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Monday, October 4, 2010

Next Event....

Hi Everyone!
We're getting ready for OCRC's next event!!
November 6-7
Check out www.ocracecraft.com for signup and more information!!
Hope to see you there

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OCRC Event July 24

Fortunately July's heat has been relatively mild - we were out at the latest OCRC event last weekend...weather was very nice! Mildly hot, but completely bearable for July - in Irvine - with no air conditioning....
We were there with the number 72 car to test out the new 4-camera system! (it's soo cool!) Chris B came out to help us with the final installation and to make sure all the computer gizmos and hookups were working together. Thanks for all you hard work Chris!

Once things were hooked up, there were some computer checks....(looks like a group effort to look at the computer screen - like they knew what they were looking at...LOL)

Kelly C. was able to take some time during the day to help us get the video footage. He drove the car around for us, and gave us some good data and video! Thanks Kelly!

Sometime during the 1st time out, the car had a mechanical/electrical type of failure...it was an ignition coil of all things! Anyhoo, the guys tried to fix it at the track, but did not have all the parts, so Kelly just had to "drive around it" to finish the shake-down for the car. Good thing he's a professional!! LOL

Thanks to everyone for their help at the track on Saturday! You guys make all the difference!
Can't wait for the next OCRC event, hopefully they pick a cooler month!! HAHA

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

K1 Go-Karting!

We were invited to a great Ladies' Nite of
Go-Karting at K1 Speed....

Hosted by The Media Barons!

They had a super group of instructors;

*Craig Stanton

*Nathan Swartzbaugh

*Kelly Collins

*Oriol Servia

*Duncan Ende

They had a great introduction video - think "men in hot pants meets beginner photo shop" It was VERY FUNNY! It's a good think all the instructors have a good sense of humor...HAHA Especially since they all had to wear pink shirts - for the Ladies' *wink. wink*

The class was full at 30 students...all girls of course...and Craig Stanton was the "lead" instructor. He gave a very informative class session before the gals headed out to try their "skill" on the track.

After one session on the track - they divided the gals into 3 groups - everyone did a track walk. The instructors were great at helping the girls to visualize where they needed to be on the track to setup for each turn, etc.

After an informative track walk, it was time for round #2 on track with the go-karts! WOW, some of those gals were CRAZY! There were a few that had previous karting experience, and some that had never done it. One gal made an 8 second! yeah you read that right - 8 second improvement! Good for her!!

After a fun evening, there was a wrap up classroom session where the "most improved" got a VERY special gift basket....let's just say it was SUPER funny!! Some last photo-ops and a round of good byes ended the evening...

Can't wait 'till the next one...should be fun

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laguna Seca Pirelli Challenge 5-2010

The first weekend of this month we were at lovely Laguna Seca for a race weekend! Wonderful weather (although the evenings were a bit chilly), and a great crew made for a super race weekend....it made the drama bearable...

As every racer knows, packing always takes at least 3x as long as you plan for...we were no exception to that rule. Thursday we headed North....for a casual drive up to Monterey. It was so casual, that our caravan made it into the racetrack at around 10pm! Try being quiet parking a 48' trailer in the dark!

After a quick dinner at Denny's - I believe ALL racers develop a taste for Denny's as they are more than likely the only place open in the middle of the nite after pulling an 18hr day at the track - we headed to the hotel.

Friday, we had some last minute prep to do at the track - oh, and the car owner brought us the "special" exhaust he needed installed to run for sound requirements at Laguna. Overall - a relatively easy day at the track...although the hints of clutch problems were sneaking up....we needed a set of clutch cables - for a GT3 Cup - which are special cables.... you see where this is going?

Saturday was where the drama (well minor drama) kicked in. Clutch issues ALL DAY LONG...we were adjusting the clutch cables, then when that quit working as a "fix" then we moved on to trying to find a special hose....WAY more difficult than you think...finally a used replacement hose showed up....that worked for a while....but it didn't last...

However we were able to make the podium!! We took 3rd place in our race on Saturday!! WTG crew & Good job driving John!

Unfortunately Sunday we had to simply park the car....all our hard work was just not enough to get it back on the track. We needed parts, and Sundays are not the day to look for them. We all got to see the races from other spots than the front straight....that's always fun...and eat lunch before we started to pack things up to head home....

Looking forward to the next race event! Be sure to find us on Facebook for more pictures and updates!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AAA Speedway - Pirelli Cup

We just finished a GREAT weekend at AAA Speedway - Pirelli Cup Challenge.

We had a small crash (it was more like a big nudge...LOL) and had to do some repairs. A couple of tire changes, a tweak here & there, and an alignment - and John was good to race some more!

It was busy, busy, but it's always a great weekend when you can spend time at the track with friends and family and GOOD FOOD! Burgers on Friday nite, and Korean BBQ on Saturday! YUMMMMMM !!

Make sure to check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/glenn-yee-motorsports-llc for more info and pictures of the event!

Monday, March 22, 2010

OCRC Event - Saturday

Had a great day at OCRC's event on Saturday....
GREAT weather, YUMMY burgers (that Glenn "slaved" over), and good friends...what a super way to spend a Saturday. We got to meet some new people, and enjoyed the conversations.
Can't wait to see everyone at the next event at the Great Park in Orange County!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OCRC Event 01/10/10

Just attended another OCRC (www.ocracecraft.com) event last weekend! Great weather - a little cool (OK it was pretty cold), but got to get track time before the rains came.
We were there just for Saturday, but had to set up all our stuff anyways....Glenn worked on a couple projects on the war-wagon during our down time, and they day went smoothly.
Troy Mullen and his boy rented a customer car for the day, and they really liked the car! They got a full day on the track....

The car handled well, until they wore out the tires....LOL

Stephan came out and hung out, and Chuck helped out (crewed) for us.

Overall, the day was great! Had fun seeing our friends, and making some new ones. Of course a day at the track beats a day stuck in the office any time!!