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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OCRC Event 01/10/10

Just attended another OCRC (www.ocracecraft.com) event last weekend! Great weather - a little cool (OK it was pretty cold), but got to get track time before the rains came.
We were there just for Saturday, but had to set up all our stuff anyways....Glenn worked on a couple projects on the war-wagon during our down time, and they day went smoothly.
Troy Mullen and his boy rented a customer car for the day, and they really liked the car! They got a full day on the track....

The car handled well, until they wore out the tires....LOL

Stephan came out and hung out, and Chuck helped out (crewed) for us.

Overall, the day was great! Had fun seeing our friends, and making some new ones. Of course a day at the track beats a day stuck in the office any time!!