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Thursday, May 21, 2009

California Speedway May 16-17

This past weekend, we were at California Speedway!
Shields Bergstrom flew in to do a final "shake-down" weekend with Phil's car, and John Trefethen (www.trefethen.com/our-story/one-family/john-trefethen ) was running as well. (info for Shields at www.redflymotorsports.com under advanced driver training)
It was SUPER HOT all weekend, but the guys powered through, and drank lots of water! (the air conditioning in the trailer was a popular spot to take a break...LOL)

I didn't realize that lunch had become a contact sport!! LOL It looks like the guys were definitely hungry...and I brought the right food! HA HA

Phil Blanke from MOTEC came out to help us sort out John's car, and there were a few "tech sessions" in the air conditioned trailer...The good news is, I think the solved virtually all the issues with the MOTEC stuff - YEAH!

Shields did a great job on Saturday...and he had a great time. He ended up 2nd in class for the race! YEAH Shields!!

On Saturday evening, our crew had dinner with Ball Racing. They were gracious enough to host the shindig. We donated tri-tip, pasta salad, shrimp ring, and veggie tray to David's whole turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, and MARGARITAS!! YUMMMMMYY!!
Even though it was hot all weekend, it was a great time for everyone. Shields had a good time on track & came in 2nd in class for his race, John was glad we had been able to work out a lot of the "kinks" in his car & came in 3rd in class for his race.
Fortunately we had no major shunts or damage to either car - although Shields, what did you do to the side window?!?! LOL