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Monday, May 23, 2011

WSIR Event 03/30/11

Well, better late than never! HAHAHA

We were at an event at Willow Springs at the end of March....If you're a Friend on Facebook - you saw the pics. (Click on the Facebook link on the sidebar to get to our FB page)

We were introduced to some new clients, Ken, Jeff & Steve. They rented a couple cars thru us. The blue GS car and a red one. It was a casual event, and we were there for 2 days.

The first day was....interesting. On the way up, we had a blowout on the trailer, and had to limp to the track on only 5 of 6 trailer wheels!! Deep breath....deep breath....WHEW! we made it!

Wednesday, the guys were using the blue GS car, and having fun. There were a couple of small repairs needed on the exhaust, but fortunately we were able to get the welds done on-site. There were a couple small issues, but our crew was great - we worked around them and kept the guys on the track as much as possible. YEAH GYM CREW!!

Lunch went well...HAHAHA

A trip into town for a new tire, mount/balance for the trailer - and the first day was done.

Thursday, went much smoother. Both cars were on the track all day! Ken, Jeff, Steve & their coaches all had a great time. The guys were pushing the cars harder, and there were a couple more "offs" today...had to do some "cleanup" on the rims...

Good weather, great crew, and fun new clients! Got to be at the track for 2 days! What a great job!

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